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Have you seen the Pixar movie Finding Nemo? Then you likely remember a child named Darla who wears headgear. She’s also rather mean to the fish. It’s awkward. Perhaps you also remember the kids in your middle school or high school wore it. Maybe you had your own headgear experience and you were teased for it.

Headgear doesn’t have the best reputation. But it’s actually a marvelous invention in dental technology.

Here’s a brief definition of headgear: an orthodontic appliance with thick wires that extend outside the mouth. Designs may vary.

Why is it such a marvel? Well, headgear uses the natural laws of physics to cross the limits of braces. According to the laws of motion, to every action there is always an equal reaction. If you stand on the ground, the ground is actually exerting the same force back at you. When you wear braces, your front and back teeth are pushing against each other. This causes them to move into alignment over time. But sometimes its power is not quite enough. This is where headgear saves the day! It adds extra force, straightening both your teeth and your bite and creating a beautiful, healthy smile.

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