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Did you know that pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry specifically designed to improve the oral health in children and young adults? According to many pediatricians, infants and young children are not receiving the oral health care they need for their smiles to thrive. Here are a few tips about pediatric dentistry:

– Pediatricians can assist in treating children who suffer from teething, thumb sucking, and baby bottle tooth decay.
– There are many adult procedures that are also effective for children, including orthodontic care and X-rays.
– Pediatricians have received cutting-edge training beyond regular dentistry, which usually takes between 2-3 years in addition to general dentistry.
– Pediatric dentistry is the concentration of oral health care for younger individuals, including infants, children, and even special needs patients.
– Pediatricians are well trained in a plethora of treatments for the continued development of your child’s oral health care.
– Pediatrics focuses on fixing oral health issues in children, and just as importantly, preparing your child for a lifetime of successful oral health.

Pediatric dentistry may be the dentistry service your child needs. For an oral examination at Anderson Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics, Inc. at our pediatric office in Roy, Utah, please book an appointment with Dr. John Anderson and our team by calling 801-774-5437.