How to Pick a Toothbrush for Your Child

Do you know what you would do while you’re standing in the store choosing a toothbrush for your child? Did you know that your little one’s toothbrush can actually have a major impact on their oral health? How do you choose the right brush for your child? The first thing you should consider is the… Read more »

What Does the Tooth Fairy Have in Common with Your Child’s Dentist?

The Tooth Fairly has been making children smile for decades, along with Santa and the Easter Bunny. But unlike Santa and the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy visits children throughout the year, as a child loses up to 20 baby teeth before their permanent teeth come in. That’s a lot of visits to impress upon your… Read more »

Your Child Healthy Smile Begins at Home

At Anderson Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics, Inc. in Roy, Utah, we encourage our patients to take good care of your child’s baby teeth to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Dr. John Anderson would like to share some basic guidelines to help you care for your child’s smile in the early years. In the beginning,… Read more »