A Child Who Is Encouraged to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Is More Likely to Have a Healthy Mouth as an Adult

Encouraging your child to brush their teeth twice each day and floss at least once is a very important first step towards maintaining the health of their gums and primary teeth. It’s also worth noting that instilling good oral hygiene practices in their youth can also increase your child’s chances of maintaining those habits as… Read more »

What’s the Big Deal About Baby Teeth?

Is anything more important than the wellbeing of your children? If you’re a recent parent, you know that there’s nothing a parent would do to take care of their child. That’s why caring for the teeth of your child is so important to do right, and we want to assist you with that. Your child’s… Read more »

The Science Behind Sugary Food and Cavities

We have all been warned as young children that sugary food causes cavities, but has anyone ever explained why? Certainly, you know that sugar rots your teeth, but how does it do this? Experienced dentist Dr. John Anderson reveals the science behind sugary food and cavities. First, it’s important to know that a dental cavity… Read more »

Facts and Figures of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

If baby bottle tooth decay evolves for too long without dental services, options for recuperation become few. While it’s never the first thing we recommend, your child may end up needing surgery to extricate their affected teeth if the baby bottle tooth decay has progressed too far. When this is the case, we’ll discuss different… Read more »

How Fluoride Can Aid Teeth

The basics, like dental hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly, can help prevent tooth decay. However, you would like extra protection against cavities for your child’s teeth, ask Dr. John Anderson about dental fluoride in Roy, Utah. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help strengthen the teeth against decay. Every day, minerals are lost… Read more »

Successful Child Smiles Feature Pediatric Dentistry

Do you have an infant or child that requires pediatric dentistry? Are you looking to take care of their oral health care and ensure that your current treatment methods are working smoothly? If so, a visit to our office can help make sure your child smile will thrive for a lifetime of oral health happiness…. Read more »

Tips on How to Have a Strong and Healthy Fall Smile

Fall is a great time to make sure you have a top-notch smile. (Actually, it’s best to make sure you have a top-notch smile all the time). As the leaves change and fall off the trees and the weather gets a bit colder, it’s time to think of your smile. It’s best to do all… Read more »

Caring for Your Smile with Malocclusion Treatments

If you wish to enhance your oral health care, it is important to make sure your teeth are straight and free of malocclusions. Malocclusions consist of bad bites and misalignments that can lead to crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatments are effective at treating a wide variety of malocclusions to straighten your smile and give you the… Read more »

Creative Alternative Tooth Fairy Treasure Options

Are you tired of the Tooth Fairy rewarding your child with money each time they lose a tooth? If so, our dentist, Dr. John Anderson, and our dental team have some good news for you: The Tooth Fairy doesn’t have to give your child money—there are other things she can give them. The first thing… Read more »

Principles Concerning Tooth Brushing for Kids

If you are looking to enhance the oral health of your child, you should remember to teach them the benefits of brushing. In their early years, they will be too young to brush their own teeth or even understand what it is for. However, if you are persistent in brushing their teeth every day, it… Read more »