Dental Routine for the Early Years and Beyond

Your baby wasn’t born with teeth, but they still can benefit from early oral care and routine. To properly develop them into dental health devotees, you should plan now to fully indoctrinate your kids at an early age so that they don’t even have think about taking care of their teeth—they just do it. Gumwork… Read more »

Retention Is Necessary After Braces Have Been Removed

A dentist like Dr. John Anderson will often use traditional braces to correct misaligned teeth. This can help patients address problems such malocclusion, overcrowded teeth or general deviations in the alignment of their bite pattern. This functional system of orthodontic components relies on regularly scheduled adjustment appointment to tighten the braces hardware. The progressive tension… Read more »

Tooth Brushing Tips for Tots

No one is born with a full knowledge of the dental hygiene habits required to have a healthy smile. Like all good habits, these are picked up from their parents, and first-time parents often have lots of questions about teaching proper oral care to their children. Our friendly dentist and team provide guidelines to help… Read more »

Blaze a New Path to Oral Health Success with Thumb Sucking Treatments

One of the most common conditions that children go through at some point in their life is the habit of sucking their thumbs. Although it seems like a perfectly normal thing for a child, it actually becomes an oral health risk because it can cause damage to their teeth and gums. Not only can it… Read more »

You Can Expect These Steps During Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

It’s recommended to bring your child into Anderson Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics, Inc. for their first dental appointment six months after their first tooth erupted or around their first birthday. This is recommended because the first appointment can help both you and your child in many ways. To help you know what to expect during… Read more »

When Baby Teeth Come Loose

The tooth fairy is a welcome visitor when you lose a baby tooth. Who doesn’t get a thrill to discover a few coins, or paper money under your pillow? This thought can turn a potential distressing event into something fun for everyone. So, what can you do as a parent to help your child when… Read more »

Why Breastfeeding is Good for Baby’s Oral Health

Breastfeeding is a decision a mother, or sometimes a doctor, makes for her baby, and can yield several benefits. Read our blog to learn more about some of these dental benefits of breastfeeding and why a visit to the dentist may help. Breastfeeding May lead to a Better Bite Recent studies found that babies who… Read more »

A Child Who Is Encouraged to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Is More Likely to Have a Healthy Mouth as an Adult

Encouraging your child to brush their teeth twice each day and floss at least once is a very important first step towards maintaining the health of their gums and primary teeth. It’s also worth noting that instilling good oral hygiene practices in their youth can also increase your child’s chances of maintaining those habits as… Read more »

What’s the Big Deal About Baby Teeth?

Is anything more important than the wellbeing of your children? If you’re a recent parent, you know that there’s nothing a parent would do to take care of their child. That’s why caring for the teeth of your child is so important to do right, and we want to assist you with that. Your child’s… Read more »

The Science Behind Sugary Food and Cavities

We have all been warned as young children that sugary food causes cavities, but has anyone ever explained why? Certainly, you know that sugar rots your teeth, but how does it do this? Experienced dentist Dr. John Anderson reveals the science behind sugary food and cavities. First, it’s important to know that a dental cavity… Read more »