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Do you make a point of flossing and brushing regularly? Do you schedule regular checkups with our dentist at least once every six months? Do you help your children do these things as well? Still, do you ever wonder if there could be something else you might consider doing for your teeth? If so, there are a number of solutions you could try, such as thinking about the benefits of dental sealants.

As you might already know, there is a protective outer layer of your pearly whites. This hard layer, known as enamel, protects your teeth and gums from cavities and tooth decay. Dental sealants basically act like another protective layer. In general, we suggest these sealants for younger children, but adults might also be good candidates. Still, if you’re interested in a sealant, your teeth need to be fairly healthy. However, if your pearly whites aren’t healthy enough for sealants, we address any issues you have and then place your sealants. Luckily, if you care for your pearly whites well after your sealants are placed, you could enjoy them for ten years.

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