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Metal brackets may have always been a choice you wish there was an alternative for instead. Here at Anderson Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics, Inc., we provide other dental care options to realign your teeth through the use of clear aligners or braces. These options are a more appealing option for those who don’t want metal braces to be in photos for years to come.

Clear aligners are plastic, custom supports you wear all the time unless you are eating or cleaning them. Every two weeks you receive a new aligner that adjusts your teeth accordingly until you reach the wanted placement. Your dentist will recommend you wear them for longer than the treatment to ensure the teeth settle into place.

Similar to metal braces, clear braces (or ceramic braces) are made of a composite matching your teeth. Again, like regular metal braces, they don’t break easily or come off. These can be used unless the alignment of your teeth is very askew and metal braces will fix your teeth better.

A comfy, visually appealing alternative, clear aligners or braces provide the look you want in order to realign your teeth. Make an appointment or set up a consultation to day with Dr. John Anderson and his dental professionals at Anderson Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics, Inc. here in Roy, Utah, today. Call us at 801-774-5437 to get the dental alignment you want and need.