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Dental fractures are often the result of an oral trauma or dental accident. Teens who play in a contact sport without a quality mouthguard are at exceeding risk of suffering a severe dental fracture. When this happens, the extent of the damage to the tooth will determine the treatment method Dr. John Anderson recommends.

Random debris and lingering blood in their mouth can be gently rinsed away with lukewarm saltwater. This will also help soothe their injured gums and give you a better view of the damage to the tooth.

If the pain does not subside after the initial trauma has passed, or if they suffer heightened sensitivity, it likely means that the damage extends deep into the tooth. For a tooth in this condition, they might require a root canal. Once the structure of the tooth has been restored, we can go about the process of fitting the tooth for a standard dental crown.

If the damage to the tooth is severe, Dr. John Anderson might recommend having the tooth completely extracted. Once their gums have healed, a dental restoration can be placed. If you live in the Roy, Utah, area and your child has suffered a dental trauma, please call 801-774-5437 to seek professional care at Anderson Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics, Inc..