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Encouraging your child to brush their teeth twice each day and floss at least once is a very important first step towards maintaining the health of their gums and primary teeth. It’s also worth noting that instilling good oral hygiene practices in their youth can also increase your child’s chances of maintaining those habits as an adult.

Your child’s teeth can be brushed and flossed at a very early age. Indeed, you can start administering these simple practices as soon as their first teeth erupt from the gums. As their manual dexterity improves you can let your son or daughter play at brushing their teeth.

Providing them with a themed toothbrush and a child safe toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association can also help keep them encouraged to brush. Just be sure to look for the ADA logo on the packaging to ensure that it is indeed a safe and effective oral hygiene product.

Flossing a child’s mouth can sometimes prove challenging for adult hands. If necessary, you might try flossing their primary molars by wrapping the strand around your pinky fingers. As your child’s dexterity improves they can start to floss their own teeth.

Giving them a simple floss stick can help them get started. Just make sure they understand not to force the floss or snap it into their gums.

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