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Do your kids like to sit calmly at the dentist’s office? Or are they more the bounce-off-the-walls type? Whichever group they fall into, you can use these seven tips to help them enjoy visiting the dentist’s office.

-Make sure they sleep well the night before their appointment. Exhausted children are unlikely to be happy, so ensure your children get a full night’s sleep before their appointments. Appointments with the dentist will be much easier when your kids are rested.

-Take their favorite items and toys. Bring along your children’s favorite toys, blankets, stuffed animals, or other comfort items on your trip. A favorite item nearby can help a child feel that trips to the dentist’s office are comfortable and enjoyable.

-Eat a light snack together before leaving your home. Adults have a hard time staying pleasant when they’re hungry, so how much harder should it be for children? A light, healthy treat like grapes or apples can make visiting the dentist a lot more relaxing.

-Clarify for your children why dental visits are essential for keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Level with them about why and how dentists cleans teeth. Appreciating the necessity of dental appointments can help children alleviate worries that may lead to boisterous behavior.

-Hand them toys to play with or activities to work on while they wait. Bringing a toy, a video game, or even homework to distract your children in the waiting area is a great idea. Before your children realize it, they’ll be starting their appointments with Dr. John Anderson and our staff.

-Stay calm, quiet, and nearby. When you do your best to stay calm, your children will follow your lead. It’s also important to stay near to your children while you’re in the dentist’s office, so try walking around together a bit if they’re feeling restless.

-Thank your children for their good behavior after their visit. Praise is a great motivator, so if your children behaved during their visit, then let them know right away! Don’t forget to remind them of their good behavior before subsequent appointments.

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